Sunflower County United for Children is taking a new approach to community development by gathering allies’ input to build a foundation for positive change. To do this we employ three areas of work to sustain a healthy and happy region: education, community & economic development, and health & well-being. Each category created to seek out residents’ thoughts and needs.

The main focus of SCUC is building solutions through idea sharing. Ideas we collect from community advocates, nonprofit leaders and other civic-minded individuals during events, such as the Ruleville School Year Kickoff. These occasions are designed to bring together hundreds of students, parents and education leaders for an ongoing conversation about the future of Sunflower County School District and the more than 5,000 children it serves.

Meaningful partnerships like these provide a fluid means of outreach and initiative expansion, such as the Summer Jobs Initiative collaboration, which employed 50 youths. Our work areas do more than support each other—they connect to form an open source grid of renewable resources.

The organization’s goals range from community-wide improvement to personal growth and success. From expanding emphasis on literacy and education for students, to providing resources for healthy food, increasing access to financial literacy, to promoting cultural awareness and equity for all. SCUC is dedicated to working for all of Sunflower County’s residents!

Join us, visit the events page to learn more.

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